Sunday, February 16, 2014

Silly On Sundays 9 and Ten Things of Thankful

It's been a busy last few days so today I'm combing two blog hops into one. I feel as if I'm cheating doing this but hey it works right?

First I'll begin with an update on my new chemo cocktail that I started on of all days Valentine's Day. I thought that I had to be at my appointment at 2 p.m. on Friday. I'd looked at the calendar that the receptionist prints out for me for each cancer related appointment I have. Well silly me looked at the wrong date in error. Funny because my husband had said to me, are you sure that you don't have to have blood work done prior to the appointment .... I pulled out the calendar while I was talking to him on the phone, and said, ..... no, it says right here in black and white .... chemo 2.p.m.  

Normally when I get to the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre I check in downstairs before proceeding to where I need to go. We were about three minutes late, or so I thought, and headed right to where I have chemo. Why didn't I check in downstairs where I normally do? No idea, it's not like I'm new to this entire process, since I've been coming here since September of 2013. Must have been GOOFY.

I proceed to check in with the receptionist and ask her if it is okay that I skip the registration due to being three minutes late. You've had your blood work done first right though right, she asks.  Uh, no, I answer her,  just chemo for today, no blood work. To double check I take out my printed calender and realize right then and there that I'm not 3 minutes late, I'm 2 hours late! Blood work was scheduled at 12 noon, and chemo was scheduled at 1 not 2. EEKS!

Oh no, I'm so sorry, I was looking at the wrong date on my calendar. The receptionist is so nice and she's experienced my GOOFY, aka Chemo Brain, before and tries to make me feel a little less embarrassed by saying, Don't worry about it, this happens to me all the time. I'll call the lab, you go and get your blood work done, and come right back up here.

One thing about me is that I've always taken great pride in the fact that I'm always on time. Up until about ten years ago that is .... None the less if I'm late now, I fret, I feel foolish, I'm embarrassed, I feel like I've let someone and myself down. Oh well some people change for the better, some for the worse. In this case I feel it's for the worse. My dad was a perpetual on time person. It drove him crazy if someone said I'll be there at 1 and then didn't show up until 2.

Hubby sees how stupid I feel and tries to make me feel better saying, It's okay Sue, we'll just be here now for 3 hours rather than the one hour you thought we'd be here. Stop being so hard on yourself, after all you checked the calendar what how many times? You had it in your head that the appointment was at 2 and you were so convinced that it didn't matter how many times you checked it, you saw 2 not the fact that you were looking at the wrong date. He then gives me a little smile and a nudge to let me know he isn't trying to make me feel bad, just a chance for him to get in a few digs. This is fine with me because I get digs in all the time when he screws up too.

So after waiting for about 45 minutes I'm in the chair waiting for the nurse to start the i.v. for my new Chemo Cocktail called pemetrexed. The best thing about this new treatment is that it takes an hour to administer, and I only have to have it every 3 weeks. In about three months I'll then have another CAT scan done to see what has happened with the remaining tumors.

That was my silliness for the week and for the ten things of thankful ....

1. Thankful that the staff and everyone that works at the Stronach Centre are so forgiving, understanding, and helpful.

2. Thankful that the swelling in my legs, feet and ankles have finally gone way down and that my feet no longer look like Fred Flinstone's.

3. Thankful that with this new chemo treatment there are;

  • less side effects
  • easier on my system
  • only one before chemo pill to take, rather than 3
  • takes an hour or a little less to administer
  • one treatment every 3 weeks

4. Thankful that I have a husband that insists on taking me to all my appointments and doesn't seem to mind.

5. Thankful that the pain that I've been experiencing in my neck for the past 2 weeks is starting to subside.

6. Thankful that for the past three days I've been feeling better than I have in the past 3 weeks.

7. Thankful that we're 1/2 way through February and that much closer to spring!

8. Thankful that all the people I play Scrabble and Words With Friends with don't get upset with me when I only play once a day and that it can take up to a week to finish one game.

9. Thankful that I am getting so many five star reviews on my book. Many of which are from people I don't even know.

10. Thankful for all of you!

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