Sunday, February 9, 2014

Silly on Sundays number 8 and Doggies Go to Jail
Sunny Florida
I was sitting and relaxing reading a book on my mother in laws porch in sunny Florida one September day. It was as hot as hell! I always pick the wrong time of year to visit. Anyways I get a text from my son Garth saying,Phone Home! He was back in Ontario with my husband, and our two Newfoundland dogs.

It was unusual for him to be texting me, so I immediately went inside and called him. What's up, I ask when he answers the phone.

The dogs got out, he replied.

What do you mean the dogs got out!

I was talking to a friend at the front door and they both got by me.

Well did you not try and go to get them?

Oh ya of course I did, but they ran up the street so fast I couldn't keep up and now I don't know what to do.

Well get out there and find them!

I wasn't sure exactly what my son expected me to do seeing that I was 1,421 miles away.

After talking to Garth I sent a text message to my husband to let him know what was going on. I felt helpless and very worried that the dogs would get hit by a car or  kidnapped, dognapped. They are both pretty friendly and love people.

All that day and into the night I was in constant contact with my husband and sons. They'd all gone out searching and searching for Maggie Magz and Bruce with no luck at all.

 The next morning I get the call that that I'd been waiting for. The dogs had been found by Matthew and Allan. They lived close to the animal shelter and thought that they'd check and see if the dogs happened to have been picked up by animal control. Sure enough there they were in an outside pen having the time of their lives. They didn't seem distressed whatsoever. Because the shelter didn't open until 11 am they'd have to wait to get them released on bail.

Hubby and my twins boys went and talked to someone at the shelter and the woman they talked to said that Maggie Magz and Bruce were the friendliest dogs she'd ever seen. They had no problems with them whatsoever and they were very well behaved. Due to this my husband only had to pay a 30.00 fine and the little jail birds were released into his custody.

Normally both dogs wear collars with their tags attached. For some reason this day they got out they were not wearing them. I'm sure that after a day or so that animal control would have read the chips that both dogs have. All is well and the dogs have had other opportunities to easily go for a walkabout since, but thankfully they've stuck around their own home and backyard.
There's No Place Like Home

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