Saturday, April 18, 2015

Loving the Spring Weather - TToT

Last week I told you that I had a huge job to accomplish, which was raking and bagging leaves along with picking up all the doggie delights.  Sunday morning I got dressed and headed out front to attack some leaves. I managed to get as far as raking the curb alongside the road. All of a sudden fatigue hit (chemo side effect) and I knew I had to stop. (Slept on and off for two days) Al and Matt took over and the front of my house looks wonderful. I've been working on the backyard this week and now that I’m feeling much better I should be done in another few days. Thankful that hubby and son were there to help and take over last Sunday. Normally they’d have been at work.

I've been playing “Clash of Clans” on my iPhone now for a few months and it’s amazing how addictive the game is. It’s so nice to have something that makes me relax and forget about everything else for a few minutes throughout the day numerous times. Does anyone else play this game?

The temperature has been in double digits for most of the week and I’m loving it! Today it’s going up to 14C or 57F, perfect day to be outside. I’m not one that likes it too hot. My son came over yesterday in shorts and I said to him it’s not 20 yet, go home and get some pants on. He looked at me like what the hell are you talking about Mom. When they were all little boys I wouldn't let them wear shorts until the temperature hit 20.

Had to take Maggie to the vet as her ear was bothering her. She’s always been prone to ear infections and sure enough she had a bad one. Bruce used to lick her ears all the time and he probably saved me many trips to the vet. I've been flushing her ear and applying drops once a day for a week now and she’s feeling so much better. Yesterday I got her outside chasing a ball, something she hasn't done for quite a while.

Made Maggie her favorite dog cookies today and while they were baking she got to clean out the peanut butter jar.
Mom needs to trim my paws

Have you ever had vanilla tea? Tetley makes one that is sooooo good! Al and I, a couple of hours after dinner each night will have a cup of tea, and this vanilla one is one of our favorites.

Planning a getaway weekend with Al …. He wants to go south and I want to go north. Figures!

Looking forward to June when my mother in law returns for a few months. I always enjoy her company.

Loving life and happy to be alive!

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