Sunday, October 22, 2017

Overspending During the Holiday Season

Swipe Away

Spend, Spend, Spend

Okay shopper’s you have approximately seven days left, get out there, swipe those credit cards and max them out, drain that bank account cause Santa’s coming to town.
No need to worry about January bills. They are not due until next year, no worries; I’ll just pay the minimums. All that matters is how much money you can rack up for Christmas this year. If you hurry you can probably still get a quick loan from the bank or better yet a payday loan. Just tell them you that you get paid at the end of January.

What do I really think?

I honestly don’t really believe in all that I just wrote up there . But I do feel Christmas is far too commercialized. When the stores start putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween is even over, it upsets me. Christmas is supposed to be a time of Joy but where’s the joy when for many people the January bills start rolling in?
OOPS overspent yet again another year. May take me all year to pay these bills off. I do realize that not everyone does this, myself included. I procrastinate about Christmas shopping until the last few days before Christmas. When I was younger I would have most of my shopping done by the end October. But now that I am older it takes me that long to figure out the perfect gift to get for those that I am giving to, or to finish making them their gift.

Twas a Week Before Christmas

It’s a week before Christmas
And nothing is done
No lights a hanging
No baking is done

No presents are wrapped as none were bought
Credit cards are tanked
Not a penny in the bank

This year for Christmas we’ll still be okay
As we have love in our hearts everyday

Christmas does not mean you have to spend
You don’t have to borrow or look to someone to lend
You better watch out, you may overspend
The bill collectors will be calling
And they’re not your friends
Christmas time is here once again

Don’t buy a bunch of junk
Buy them something they need
They may not like it right away
But they’ll use it anyways
                                                 ……..or re-gift it perhaps
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Have a Merry Frugal Christmas

I didn’t write this to be a downer to anyone, I just this year feel so strongly that people really do tend to over do, over indulge, and over spend at this time of year. If I have offended anyone I am sorry.
Hopefully this year with the economy being as it is, people will be more frugal and maybe save some of those hard-earned dollars for the rainy days that may just come.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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