Sunday, February 2, 2014

Silly on Sundays Number 7

Hi, and welcome to Silly on Sundays, a blog hop that I hope, wish,  am begging you to join. Yes begging! Come on you bloggers, there are no rules, and you can post whatever you like ... well almost whatever you like. You see I have this dream to create a blog hop that goes viral! Isn't that everyone's dream? Okay, okay so I'm trying to be silly here, give me a break.
Silly On Sundays Blog Hop

All you have to do is share a funny story about yourself or someone you know. Be sure that it's okay with them if you're sharing a story about someone other than yourself. Don't go embarrassing someone if it's going to get you in trouble, and please try and keep it as clean as possible. No stories to share? No worries, find a funny video that made you laugh this week, or tell us a joke. Post a silly picture but remember to make sure you attribute it properly. You don't want anyone sending you an email telling you that you're about to get sued over a picture that you've only borrowed. See how easy it is to join this blog hop? So you're sold right? Well what are you waiting for then? Get to it!

My post for this week is not really all that silly but I have to post something since it is my blog hop. So here goes. Thank goodness I have a co-host +Kelly Umphenour over at RealHousewife that I can always count on for posting something silly. 

Head under chair keeping the light out of her eyes. If she could write I'm sure she'd have put up a Do Not Disturb sign. 

Last night hubby fell asleep on the couch as he often does.I went up to bed because I love having the bed all to myself. Yes I know I'm selfish that way. So anyways Maggie Magz our female Newfoundland dog needs to go outside around midnight and manages to wake hubby up from a sound sleep. How do I know if it was a sound sleep seeing that I was already tucked away all cozy in bed? The man sleeps like a rock. I'm actually quite surprised that she was even able to wake him up. I swear that he would be able to sleep through an earthquake. So he lets her out and when calling her to come back in she ignores him. He goes back to the couch to watch some TV before trying to get her back inside. He falls asleep! Yes the poor dog is outside in the middle of winter. She's not exactly outside, she's in our back porch/sun room, but still it's fairly cold out there. Hubby awakes 4-5 hours later and all he can hear is barking followed by whimpering. Jumping up and coming to his senses he quickly goes to the back door and lets Maggie in. Maggie walks through the door, past hubby, and goes immediately to her bed where she slept most of the day.

I caught her under my new chair later on in the day still napping. Poor old girl. I felt so bad that she'd been left out on the back porch. Next time she's called in at night I'm sure that she'll remember last night and come running. 

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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