Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Drawing a Blank

Clear the cobwebs from my mind
Let the words flow from my heart once again

A thief came along
Copied and pillaged
Stole my desire, my drive,
My creativity

Hours upon hours
Years of memories
Words written with love
Composed into poems
Stories of my life ….  Not of his

Did he give birth to three baby boys?
Live through cancer and so much more?
Creative countless recipes
With pictures galore?

Even though his sites have been taken down
I’m left here wordless
Angry and torn

To all of you plagiarists
 Leave us writers alone
Go straight to hell
Get a life of your own

Dedicated to all the fantastic writers at  HubPages

 If you'd like to join in on the fun of Wordless Wednesday please visit +Cyndi Calhoun over at Pictimilitude.


  1. I feel the power in your words and I will be sharing them.
    Know that your writing is powerful and I feel like the world needs to see it.
    Despite the twits that make it less enjoyable. Despite the anger they arouse. Despite the lack of integrity on their part.
    Because YOU have a gift for words and your words inspire. Your words and thoughts and recipes and everything bring me and others such joy.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, Susan. I'm glad you posted this. xoxo

  2. I couldn't say it any better than what Cyndi said. Way to go, Susan! Have a great day!

  3. Fight back Susan--this guy is well--his karma will come around--so very well said!!!

  4. I will be honest first I thought you were talking about having writer's block, which I have had on a few occasions, but then I read you poem and knew exactly who you were taking aim at. I have to say great job and seriously couldn't have said it better myself if I tried. Thank you and Happy Wednesday!! :)

  5. so wrong!
    spit your words out at him!
    a violation.

  6. Love it, Susan!

    Beautifully said with great emotions.

    sharing it across!

    happy wednesday, indeed :)

  7. Ugh. I don't understand why people steal other people's words. What a horrible violation. Keep writing!

  8. Ugh. I spent a lot of time last week filing copyright complaints. It is so frustrating!

  9. Thanks everyone and have a great week!

  10. Hi Susan,
    So wonderful to catch you with you and your talents here your poem. Love your poem. Penelope


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